Two Illinois state representatives on Thursday introduced a joint resolution in support of the state's ban on gay and lesbian couples marrying.

Representatives Thomas Morrison and David Reis, both Republicans, are backing the measure.

“It is time for the General Assembly to reaffirm their support for Illinois laws reserving the institution of marriage between one man and one woman,” Reis said in a statement. “The people I represent are adamantly opposed to same-sex marriage and troubled by our attorney general's recent dereliction of duty by not defending our state's policy on marriage.”

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan said her office will not defend the statute in a lawsuit brought by 25 gay and lesbian couples, saying the law was unconstitutional.

A summary of the resolution reads: “Shows support for the Illinois laws reserving the institution of marriage to one man and one woman. States the General Assembly's opposition to any efforts to extend the institution of marriage to 2 individuals of the same sex, whether by statute or by court decision. Urges the members of the General Assembly to adopt HJRCA 50, an amendment to the Illinois Constitution stating that 'Only a marriage between a man and a woman shall be valid or recognized in Illinois.'”

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