Hundreds of people gathered Sunday night to show support for a Lincoln, Nebraska lesbian who was attacked in her own home earlier in the day.

Fire fighters responded to a 4AM house fire after the woman escaped to a neighbor's house and called for help.

Friends of the victim told KLKN-TV that three men forced themselves into the woman's home, attacked her, then set the home on fire.

“Three men came into her home, they broke down the door, stripped her of all her clothing, tied her hands behind her back with a zip tie,” a friend told the network. “They cut derogatory words into her arms and stomach and continued to cut all over her body.”

The men also spray painted anti-gay epithets on the walls in the basement.

“When someone takes the time to hand cuff someone with a zip tie and carve derogatory comments or words into somebody else's body, that's sheer hate and at this point, this is a hate crime,” a second friend said.

Tyler Richard, president of gay rights advocate Outlinc, called on the community to “pull together in this difficult time.”

“We are shocked and saddened by the report of an alleged hate crime involving a member of the LGBT community early Sunday morning,” he said in a statement. “Our hearts go out the the victim, her family and close friends. Many in our community are understandably experiencing a great deal of sadness, anger and confusion. We look to our entire community to pull together in this difficult time. Outlinc has full faith in the Lincoln Police Department who has a long history of support for Lincoln's LGBT community. We trust that their investigation will be fair and complete and we await the results. As we consider the possible impetus for this horrific attack we are reminded more than ever why fairness is vital in our city.”