Oxygen's 6-part docu-series I'm Having Their Baby includes a gay couple's journey to start a family.

Producers of I'm Having Their Baby, which premieres Monday, July 23, describe the series as giving “viewers an intimate look into the world of adoption by telling the too-often untold story of the birth mother and her experience in making this difficult and emotional choice.”

In a trailer for the show, one young woman says she is considering a gay male couple to become her child's adoptive family.

“The Bible is very clear about homosexuality,” a woman is seen telling the pregnant woman. “It's an abomination.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

On Tuesday, Oxygen released results of a poll on the attitudes of Americans on adoption.

“When it comes to atypical adoption scenarios, an overwhelming number of the men and women surveyed expressed support. Women ultimately lead the pack with a massive 86 percent open to single parents adopting a child (vs. 77 percent males) and 73 percent open to gay and lesbian couples adopting (vs. 62 percent males). Similarly, 90 percent of the women surveyed feel it's more socially acceptable than it used to be to adopt children of different races, while 84 percent of men feel that way.”