More voters in Wisconsin believe gay marriage should be illegal than legal – but opposition is falling.

According to a Public Polling Policy (PPP) survey of 1,057 voters contacted by phone conducted from July 5th to 8th, 43 percent of respondents support legalizing gay nuptials, while 47 percent remain opposed.

However, a poll conducted last August found 50 percent of voters opposed to such unions and only 39 percent in support. That is an increase in support of 4 percentage points in less than 11 months.

A large majority (69%) of voters in the Forward state support legal recognition of gay unions with either marriage (39%) or civil unions (30%). Twenty-eight percent say there should be no legal recognition of the relationships of gay couples and four percent refused to answer.

Support for the institution has steadily increased since 2006, when voters approved a constitutional amendment banning gay and lesbian couples from entering a marriage or a civil union by 19 points.

Voters also gave high marks to retiring Democratic Senator Herb Kohl, who received a strong 46 percent approval rating.