Google's recently announced Legalize Love campaign has driven social conservative Janet Porter away.

Google's Legalize Love campaign was announced at Out & Equal's Global LGBT Workplace Summit 2012, which took place earlier this month in London.

Legalize Love is a campaign to promote safer conditions for gay and lesbian people inside and outside the office in countries with anti-gay laws on the books,” a spokesperson for the Internet search giant told The Washington Post.

The campaign will first launch in Poland and Singapore. Organizers plan to expand the campaign to every country where Google has an office, focusing on countries where anti-gay sentiment runs high.

Buster Wilson, general manager of the American Family Association's (AFA) radio network, told listeners last week that a Google boycott “is going to be a hard one for a lot of us,” and would “test the meat of our convictions.” But he stopped short of calling for a boycott against the tech giant and called its products “awesome” and “enjoyable.”

Porter, the founder and president of Faith2Action, told listeners on Tuesday to avoid Google.

“Promoting homosexual rights around the globe. That's the new campaign that Google has recently launched,” Porter said in a radio bulletin. “They say that the campaign will not push for the legalization of same-sex marriage, but the company has actively opposed the efforts to ban it in California.”

“While it may be next to impossible to avoid all of the social media that Google owns, this is one more good reason to have your e-mail and conduct your searches with someone else!” she added. notes: “In fairness, Porter should alert listeners to avoid Google rivals Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo! for also favoring gay rights causes.”