Rapper Murs has called fellow hip-hop artist Frank Ocean's coming out “liberating for him.”

In the video for the single Animal Style from Murs' studio album Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation, Murs plays a closeted high school student in love with an openly gay classmate. The student's self hatred leads to a violent conclusion.

Speaking to gay glossy Out, Murs said he was nervous about how the gay community would react to the video.

“The reaction is kind of strange,” Murs said. “My main concern is with the LGBT community, that they have responded favorably. Being a straight male, and stepping into that role, I was nervous about the reaction from the gay community.”

“But the way straight people have reacted? I could really care less.”

My wife is “all for it. Her grandmother is gay, or was: She just passed.”

Murs also commented on Frank Ocean's recent revelation that he was once in love with a man.

“I think it's very important that Frank did that. I mean, on a personal level, I think it was liberating for him. For culture, for hip-hop, for R&B, for urban culture. I think it's great, everyone loves this kid, and he's a very talented person. I don't think it has affected his sales.”

“I think it should have no more significance than the color of his shoes or his eyes,” Murs added. “He's a musician, not a teacher.”