Adam Lambert has said he understands the motivations behind a gay actor's decision to remain closeted.

The 30-year-old Lambert told the UK's Independent that unlike musicians actors need to convincingly take on different roles.

“I can understand that with actors, they want to get cast in different projects and so they have to be believable as this, that, or the other, in order to pull someone in emotionally,” Lambert said. “I get that. I get why certain actors want to stay in the closet. But with music, it's a little more autobiographical.”

Lambert, who this week filled in for the late Freddie Mercury during three Queen tour dates in London, also commented on his own coming out.

“I think for a long time the music industry has been scared of it, of out artists, it's been more of a niche thing,” he said. “But music doesn't have an orientation, a good song is a good song, so if you're getting hung up on the artist's sexuality in your enjoyment of the song, then maybe you need to examine your own comfort level a little bit.”