John Fugelsang on Friday's edition of The Stephanie Miller Show stated that Mitt Romney was pandering to social conservatives on gay rights.

Matthew Breen, the editor-in-chief of gay glossy The Advocate, appeared on the show to discuss his magazine's endorsement of President Barack Obama.

An image of the Lincoln Memorial's bronze statue of President Abraham Lincoln seated in contemplation doctored to replace Lincoln with Obama under the headline “IN OBAMA WE TRUST” graces the current issue of America's leading publication of gay interests, now 45 years old. At the bottom of the monument, the publication added: “President Obama's declared support for the right of same-sex couples to marry caused a seismic shift in American politics. Never again will the country be the same.”

On the program, Breen said of Obama's endorsement: “When the most visible head of state on the globe talks about this as a civil rights issue, people who are interested in civil rights who may not have paid attention to this before go, 'Oh yeah, this is about equality. This is about civil rights. It doesn't belong to some, it belongs to all.'”

Miller said that Romney's distaste for gay people has been at times “palpable.”

“I don't believe Mitt Romney is a homophobe,” Fugelsang said. “I think that he's something worse than a bigot. I think he's someone who uses the bigotry of others to get votes. He pretends to be a bigot to appeal to bigots. And that's a lot worse that being a mere ignorant hater.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)