Stephen Moyer has said he's open to filming a gay sex scene with True Blood co-star Alexander Skarsgard.

The 42-year-old Moyer plays vampire Bill Compton in the HBO supernatural series True Blood. Compton's adversary on the show is vampire Eric Northman, played by Skarsgard, 35. Both men vie for the love of Sookie Stackhouse, who is played by openly bisexual Anna Paquin, Moyer's real life wife.

In a wide-ranging interview with gay glossy The Advocate, Moyer said he first became aware of gay people as a choirboy, but shied away from providing details.

“[I]t really was in the church, but it wasn't a particularly pleasant experience, and it probably wouldn't cast him in the best light, so it's not necessarily something I'd like to talk about,” Moyer said.

When asked when will Bill and Eric “just get it over with already and have angry vampire sex?” Moyer answered: “I've been asking myself that question for a long time. Alex and I would absolutely embrace that. Last year, when Sookie had her fantasy about the two of them with her, we even suggested it. Of course, Bill and Eric together isn't necessarily Sookie's fantasy.”

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