Revelers cheered as a multicultural Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade 10,000-strong snaked its way down the streets of Sydney this week. The festival hit the big three-oh this year. What began as a small protest march in 1978 has now transformed into one of the world's largest gay parties.

I'm going to visit Chinatown and then surprise you with a yummy dried duck dish or force you to wear a duck feather lined hat spotted with dried duck and eggs at a PETA conference. Keep reading to find out which.

Clinton won! And now the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination has taken yet another unforeseen turn. Senator Hillary Clinton's big wins this week, Ohio, Texas, and Vermont, are a result of tactical changes made to the campaign. Some would say she's gone negative, others would claim smart politics,either way it's now Senator Barack Obama who needs to respond.

The question of gay marriage returned to California Tuesday as the state's highest court started hearing arguments on the constitutionality of the state's voter-approved gay marriage ban. Supporters of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newson's monthslong gay marriage spree of 2004 filed the lawsuit after more than 4,000 same-sex marriages were voided by the court.

Here's a picture of Bjork and a chimp, I think the chimp cuter.

“It's a syringe stupid,” should be the new public health campaign in Nevada after thousands might have been exposed to Hepatitis or HIV/AIDS from dirty needles at a Las Vegas clinic.

It was our own Gay Entertainment Report which brought us news that Ben Affleck is OK if you think he's gay. No really!

[Editor's note]  Walter has been on sabbatical from On Top since he agreed to enter rehab after a wreck of a day, prompted, in part, by a disaster of a Valentine's day.

Day one. Passing by a staff and Lindsay Lohan photograph with the caption, “Way to go Lindsay!” I make my way to my room at the Wonder rehab facility. The day is gloomy and gray. I just learned I'll have a roommate, Jack.

Day two. Maibe Barnes is the best thing at Wonder. Most certainly she thinks she's comedienne Monique, maybe not I say. On Amy Winehouse she told me, “If that skinny bitch EV-AAR comes to my facility, I'll make damn sure that skinny bitch leaves here with some meat on her bones – skinny bitches are EV-AAL!”

Day three. While eating a strawberry yogurt cup in the dinning room, shaking, on the edge of crying, Jack sits next to me and after a moment says, “You have the most beautiful eyes.” I thank him and return to our room.

Day four. I'm contemplating Jack's words. The only thing I know about him is that he does not like himself. He told me this yesterday. Funny, I like him fine. Strange how an unexpected kind word can save your soul.

Day five. We had a day at the beach. In the ocean, when no one was watching, Jack held my hand. I've learned Jack hates himself for being gay and often cuts himself. On the ride back to Wonder, while Jack sleeps, I glimpse a single red flash of fireworks in the distance.

Day six. I'm leaving Wonder today. In the living room, standing on the orange shag carpet, I say my goodbyes. I approach Jack and begin, “Don't you want to...,” but his cell phone interrupts. It's his boyfriend and I finish the thought in my head, “...come with me?”

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