Tim Gill has contributed $25,000 to Fight Back Colorado, the nascent independent expenditure committee – also known as a Super PAC – targeting Colorado lawmakers opposed to civil unions.

According to The Denver Post, Gill's donation was matched by One Colorado, the state's largest gay rights advocate.

Gill, a former computer software entrepreneur, married his husband Scott Miller in Massachusetts in 2009. The couple lives in Denver.

A civil unions bill widely opposed by Republican leaders in the House died on the House floor when lawmakers reached an impasse on the measure as the 2012 legislative session came to an end. It died a second time in committee in May during a special session called for by the governor.

Fight Back Colorado registered with the state last month and has yet to declare any expenditures through the end of June.

While the committee by law must disclose which candidates it will advocate for or against, Fight Back Colorado has yet to release a target list. Expected to be targeted by the group is House Speaker Frank McNulty, who assigned the civil unions bill to a “kill” committee.