Chloe Sevigny has said playing a transgender hit woman in the UK drama Hit & Miss was the “greatest thing I could go into after Big Love.”

Hit & Miss, the first original series commissioned by recently-launched satellite channel Sky Atlantic in Britain, will have its US premiere on DIRECTV's Audience Network on Wednesday, July 11.

The 37-year-old Sevigny plays Mia in the 6-episode series from creator Paul Abbott (Shameless, State of Play).

Speaking to gay glossy The Advocate, Sevigny said she wanted to play Mia with more “exaggerated unfeminine moves … because [femininity] is so learned and I wanted her to be sort of more masculine.”

“But the creators and the show runners had an entirely different idea,” she added. “And as an actor you kind of have to adhere to them unless you want to be extremely difficult, which I try not to be. And I trusted the writer and the filmmaker implicitly and they really had a certain idea of how they wanted it to be.”

Sevigny added that after working five years on Big Love she was “excited to move on.”

“I'm excited to find something else. Hit and Miss was so different that it was like the greatest thing I could go into after Big Love,” she said.