Jake Shears has declared himself gayer than Scissor Sisters band member Ana Matronic.

Last month, the Sisters, which includes Shears and Matronic as vocalists, Babydaddy as multi-instrumentalist, Del Marquis as lead guitarist/bassist and Randy Real as drummer, released their fourth studio album Magic Hour.

In a wide-ranging interview with Michigan gay weekly Between the Lines, Shears said the new album scaled back on the sex.

“There's sexy music on it, but it's not sexually aggressive. The last record was very aggressive in a certain way; this one is much more romantic – about relationships and friendships. The stuff that's sexual is pretty funny; this record definitely has a pretty strong sense of humor.”

Matronic said the dance single Let's Have a Kiki was inspired by a true life experience.

Let's Have a Kiki was directly inspired by an experience I had of going to a party; it was raining and the cops had busted it and it was in a loft downtown. It was partly inspired by that and it was partly inspired by the fact that Jake and I love to have house parties. That really is our favorite way to have fun. Put on a mix, get our friends together and have what we refer to as a 'Micro Rave' at my house,” she said.

And they both agreed that Shears is gayer.

“We're both pretty gay. I think I'm probably gayer than Ana. I couldn't exactly put my finger on why. Maybe because I'm gay,” Shears said with a laugh.

“It's a tie, to be honest,” Matronic said. “His sex is a lot gayer than mine.”

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