Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association (AFA) claims gay activists are leading the charge to criminalize gay sex.

The social conservative recently attracted headlines when he attacked presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney for hiring an openly gay spokesperson.

In a op-ed appearing on the AFA's Rightly Concerned website, Fischer said an effort to outlaw unsafe sex in adult films was tantamount to an acknowledgment that gay sex was a “menace to public health.”

“Gay sex should be contrary to public policy, and it looks like the first steps in that direction are being taken gay activists themselves. Who could have seen that coming,” Fischer wrote.

“So the next logical step is obvious: for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to propose an ordinance that promotes a fine for any act of unprotected gay sex, whether money changes hands or not, and proposes criminal penalties for repeat offenders. If they care about the health of all homosexuals, not just the ones who do it for money, they can do no less.”

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is backing a fall ballot question which if approved would expand to most of the Los Angeles County a Los Angeles law requiring all porn actors – whether gay or straight – to wear condoms.'s Zack Ford criticized Fischer for “leaping at the opportunity to condemn gay sex as the direct cause – not [a] form of transmission, but cause – of HIV.”

“Conservatives like Fischer refuse to promote safe sex because they believe in abstinence until opposite-sex marriage, and anything outside of that paradigm is morally wrong. But as offensive as his extreme (and self-plagiarizing) conclusions are, what is perhaps more offensive is his insensitivity to the history and ongoing threat of HIV infection.

Ironically, it is the straight porn industry which opposes the mandate. Most gay porn studios require actors to wear condoms.

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