Gay glossy The Advocate has endorsed President Barack Obama for a second term as president.

An image of the Lincoln Memorial's bronze statue of President Abraham Lincoln seated in contemplation doctored to replace Lincoln with Obama under the headline “IN OBAMA WE TRUST” graces the current issue of America's leading publication of gay interests, now 45 years old. At the bottom of the monument, the publication added: “President Obama's declared support for the right of same-sex couples to marry caused a seismic shift in American politics. Never again will the country be the same.”

In the accompanying cover story, Editor in Chief Matthew Breen states that “by virtue of this unique position” the president's “endorsement of marriage equality is not merely rhetoric.”

“His words constitute action. On the very face of it, his statement is enormous, and has the power to move millions in a way that a statement from no other person could have.”

“As a result of Obama's declaration … we will never again see a Democratic presidential nominee emerge from the primary system with an anti-equality stance.”

Breen goes on to contrast Obama's views with those of his presumed GOP rival Mitt Romney.

“Whether his shifting positions are the result of fear of blowback from an increasingly conservative GOP or just a personal devolution, one can safely assume that a Romney administration would be unlikely to appoint a U.N. ambassador or secretary of State who would promote LGBT rights internationally.”

He concludes: “We cannot expect any president to be the balm for all our ills, but Obama has demonstrated through word and deed that he is capable of understanding and tackling the issues, with foresight and intellect, that affect a minority population, particularly the last group of people it’s still legally permissible to deny rights to in the United States.”