Former pastor and The Call founder Lou Engle has prayed for an army of hundreds of thousands of “ex-gays” to cure HIV/AIDS.

Engle has previously pledged to redouble his efforts at building a prayer movement to stop the “homosexual tornado” before it destroys America.

“I want to see an accumulated prayer movement for 100,000 – first wave. Bob Jones … he had a vision in 1989 of the first wave of homosexuals coming to Christ. … And it would come suddenly. I've dreamed of this before. … Men and women begin to pray that God would raise of Saul-like conversions in that community so powerful that they begin to be the preachers of righteousness in their own communities with radical salvations and healings of AIDS,” Engle told members of the anti-gay youth ministry The Ramp.

Engle led a prayer asking “God to loose a movement, a divine breakthrough, 100,000 gay and lesbian men and women, loose a sound that DC can't contend with, loose a sound that the media can't contend with, overflow the media with the sound of revival.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)