Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was honored with an American flag on Independence Day for her support of gay rights.

The flag was commissioned by the Kaleidoscope Trust, the official charity partner for World Pride in London, and designed by American artist Sam Gassman.

Sewn into the artwork is the full text of Clinton's speech on gay rights to the United Nations.

In her 2011 address, Clinton condemned laws that discriminate against gay people as a violation of human rights.

“It is a violation of human rights when people are beaten or killed because of their sexual orientation, or because they do not conform to cultural norms about how men and women should look or behave,” Clinton said.

“It is a violation of human rights when governments declare it is illegal to be gay or allow those who harm gay people to go unpunished.”

The flag was on display at the House of Parliament on Wednesday.

A videotaped acceptance message from Clinton will be shown at a pride gala dinner on Thursday.

Gassman explained that the flag included 78 named stars “in shadow” representing the “remaining countries having poor to terrible gay rights laws.”