Support for gay marriage in Massachusetts, the first state to legalize such unions, has increased in the last 3 months.

According to a Public Polling Policy (PPP) survey of 902 voters conducted between June 22 and 24, support for gay nuptials has increased 4 percentage points since March.

Sixty-two percent of voters now say they support equal marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples, while 30 percent believe it should be illegal. That is an increase in support of 4 points in three months, and a 1 point decrease in opposition.

Only 11 percent of voters in Massachusetts think there should be no legal recognition of a gay couple's relationship.

A majority (84%) of respondents said that the legalization of gay marriage has had no impact (64%) or a positive impact (20%) on their lives. Sixteen-percent said the law has impacted their lives negatively.

On May 17, Massachusetts' gay marriage law celebrated its 8th anniversary. According to the group MassEquality, 18,462 gay couples have wed in the state since the took effect in 2004.