Alexandra Pennell, a former student at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), has been charged by police with faking her own anti-gay harassment.

Pennell received an outpouring of support during a March 13 rally after she reported receiving several harassing notes.

“All I have to say is that I'm not going to be run out of my home, and I will not be intimidated by hate,” she told the hundreds of students who attended the rally.

CCSU police began to suspect Pennell, 19, after a video surveillance system placed in Pennells' dorm room to identify the suspect was twice disabled.

Police confronted Pennell after they installed a second camera in a hall closet without her knowledge, the Hartford Courant reported. Pennell was videotaped sliding one of the notes under her door.

She confessed to police that she had written the notes to get her roommate's attention, Siobhan Dooley.

Dooley provided police with a letter she had received from Pennell, in which she says she left the notes because she feared her friends were abandoning her.

Pennell has pleaded not guilty to eight felony counts of fabricating evidence, eight misdemeanor charges of lying to police, eight misdemeanor counts of filing a false police report and one count of making a false statement to police.

Officials have barred Pennell from attending any school in the Connecticut state university system for five years.