Victoria Jackson suggests gay people don't refer to themselves as homosexuals because they are covering up their true identity.

On the debut of her Victoria Jackson Show, Jackson, a Saturday Night Live alum, asked Gary Demar, author of God and Government, what homosexuality is.

“What is homosexuality? Wait a minute, I have never heard anyone ever say this: What is homosexuality?” Jackson asked her guest.

“In every discussion of homosexual marriage or homosexuality they use the word 'gay,' and there's a reason for that. Because they are covering up what the real issue is. In many discussions today, people are trying to equate homosexuality with racial issues. Race, skin color is benign, there's no behavior attached to a person's race. They look a particular way because of skin pigmentation. That's it. But homosexuality is about some sort of sexual, not just sexual thoughts but sexual actions. So you never hear anybody say, 'Wait a minute. What is a person that claims to be gay? What are they actually doing that people object to?' And no one ever asks the question because I think they are afraid of what the answer's going to be,” Demar explained.

“What's the answer?” an inquisitive Jackson asked.

“I can't tell anybody on this program because I would have to describe what homosexuals do,” he answered.

Jackson and Demar agreed that words such as “gay” and “gay rights” were devised to conceal the truth about homosexuality. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)