Meghan McCain, daughter of Arizona Senator John McCain, has questioned President Barack Obama's commitment to gay rights, saying his endorsement of marriage equality is “not enough for me.”

Appearing on Sirius XM's The Michelangelo Signorile Show to pitch a book she co-wrote with comedian Michael Ian Black titled America, You Sexy Bitch, McCain also attacked gay GOP group GOProud, which recently endorsed Mitt Romney for president.

“I am a Log Cabin Republican member,” she said. “As far as I'm concerned, GOProud is a rogue group that has publicly said very nasty things about me, very nasty things. And they're the type of gay Republicans that I think exacerbate the stereotype. Ann Coulter is who they had speak at one of their conventions and was touted as some kind of icon, a woman who uses gay slurs on television. In gay Republican circles, GOProud are not respected. They do not like me and I do not like them.”

McCain added that she was “not impressed with Obama going on TV and saying, 'I have gay friend and I think they should get married.' That to me is the same thing as saying, 'I have black friends and they should get married but I'm not actually going to pass legislation that interracial marriage should happen.'”

“[A]s far as I'm concerned, he's not doing enough for the gay community and it's not enough to sway me.”

“I know lots of gay people that are voting for Romney. Because I think in America, people aren't one-issue voters,” she added.

Listen to the entire interview at The Huffington Post.