Supporters of Minnesota's proposed gay marriage ban began their 4-day “Dump General Mills” protest on Tuesday.

Voters in November will decide whether to place the state's law which bans gay nuptials in the Minnesota Constitution.

Minnesota for Marriage, the coalition of groups working to approve the amendment, criticized General Mills for speaking out against the amendment, calling the move “stupid.”

“I know it seems odd for a company who spends billions of dollars marketing products to moms and dads with young children to do such a thing, but General Mill has tried to please a small minority of individuals who feel entitled to change the definition of marriage for all of society. They have calculated that we won't fight back. They have grossly miscalculated us!” Andy Parrish, deputy campaign manager for Minnesota for Marriage, wrote in an e-mail to supporters announcing the protest.

At the group's first rally, which took place across from the company's headquarters, supporters “dumped” General Mills products in the back of a van to be donated to a local food bank.

“This is an opportunity for Minnesotans to let General Mills know that they're dismayed with the fact that they're spending billions to market cereal to parents of children and yet all of the sudden they're coming out and deciding that they're opposed to marriage between a man and a woman. And we want them to understand that basically marriage is an institution that is created by society for the best environment for kids to be brought up and raised by both their mother and their father,” Chuck Darrell, campaign director for Minnesota for Marriage, told

Opponents of the gay marriage ban stood across the street from the protest holding signs such as, “Vote No – Don't Limit The Freedom To Marry.” (Video from the protest is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)