Comedian Louis CK believes straight men should stop worrying about being misidentified as gay.

The 3rd season of Louis CK's comedy series Louie, in which he stars, writes and directs, premieres Thursday on cabler FX.

The 44-year-old stand-up comedian appeared Monday on NBC's The Tonight Show, where he told host Jay Leno that straight men miss out on some “nice” things worrying about their perceived sexuality.

“Heterosexual men worry that we'll be misidentified as gay,” Louis CK told Leno. “Like we're the only group that cares that you know what we are. Like there's no women that are scared somebody will think they are a lesbian. I never heard that. There's no gay guys who think, 'They're going to think I'm straight.' You never hear that. But we worry about it. And so it's limiting. Like there's things that we can't do that might be nice.”

Louis CK said straight men miss out on using the word “wonderful,” telling a straight friend, “I miss you,” and snuggling up inside a buddy's arm.

“You can't wear Earth colors,” Louis CK added. (Watch the entire segment at

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