A Fort Wayne, Indiana General Motors assembly plant is flying a rainbow flag, a symbol of the gay rights movement.

GM Community Manager Michael Savoni explained in a statement that the rainbow flag is just one of several which will be displayed in front of the plant's administration building.

“Fort Wayne leadership decided to permanently move the POW flag from a pole in front of its admin building to the facility's primary display. This gave the plant an opportunity to fly other flags, which include the Indiana state flag, the UAW flag and any of the flags representing GM's official Employee Resource Groups. It's our hope that ongoing support of our employees will foster constructive dialogue on the importance of diversity at GM.”

“It makes a statement that they're inclusive and they celebrate diversity within in their company,” Chris Gunderson, president of IPFW United Sexualities, told News Channel 15.

The flag will remain in place for one week in celebration of Gay Pride, officials said. (A video report is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)