A majority of Colorado voters support legislation recognizing the relationships of gay and lesbian couples with civil unions.

According to a Public Polling Policy survey of 799 Colorado voters, 56 percent support passage of legislation which would allow gay couples to form civil unions. Thirty-eight percent said they would oppose such a law, while 6 percent refused to answer.

A civil unions bill widely opposed by Republican leaders in the House died on the House floor when lawmakers reached an impasse on the measure as the legislative session came to an end. It died a second time in committee last month during a special session called for by the governor.

Twenty-seven percent of Republicans and 58 percent of independents support the measure. Hispanic voters support the bill by a 33-point margin (65-32%).

The only age group opposed to civil unions are voters over the age of 65, but not by a wide margin (48% oppose to 45 % support). A majority (66%) of young voters are in support of it.

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