Rush Limbaugh has asked listeners whether people should vote for President Barack Obama because “he's gay.”

While news glossy Newsweek has received flack for running a cover of Obama with a gay halo along with the caption “The First Gay President,” the accompanying article touted Obama as the first president to identify with the gay community.

On his radio show, Limbaugh lamented a story which claimed that the Obama campaign is seeking to define Mitt Romney as a candidate looking out for “old, straight, white men.”

“Obama's campaign wants to turn Romney into the candidate of old, straight white men,” Limbaugh read from the article, then asked, “So does that mean you should vote for Obama because he's a young, black gay man?”

He added that in the media's view “Romney is to be tarred and feathered, not to be trusted, voted against, because he's the candidate of old, straight, white men.”

“What does that make Obama, the candidate of young, black, gay men? Where's the tolerance … the compassion?” he rhetorically asked. (Listen to the entire segment at