Against Me!'s transgender singer-guitarist Laura Jane Grace, formerly Tommy Gabel, says she has identified with Madonna since childhood.

Grace performed last month for the first time since coming out transgender in Rolling Stone.

In an interview to be aired Tuesday on MTV News, Grace said she identified as a child with Madonna on two levels.

“On of my earliest memories is watching TV, a live performance of Madonna, and seeing her playing and being mesmerized, and just thinking that's me on two levels, both the musician level – performer level – and then as a female, thinking that's me,” Grace said. “You know, that is like completely identifying with her.”

Grace added that her wife Heather has been her rock, but she worried about toddler daughter Evelyn.

“For my daughter, I'm just hoping that it doesn't affect her in any kind of negative way, as far as kids can be cruel to each other, you know, once she starts school or anything like that. It's already weird enough when your dad is in a band, you know, and explaining that to other kids. But when your dad is transsexual as well, as in a band, you know, I just hope people are kind to my daughter.”