Roughly 2 thousand people on Saturday participated in a protest in San Jose, Costa Rica called Marcha de los Invisibles (March of the Invisibles) which included calling for greater equality for the nation's LGBT community.

Protesters marched through the capital Saturday morning to the Legislative Assembly, where they demanded gay rights, the establishment of a secular state, the approval of in vitro fertilization and immigrant rights, the The Tico Times reported.

One banner at the event read, “Morality is personal, human rights are universal.”

Demonstrators called for the ouster of Justo Orozco, the head of the Human Rights Commission, whose anti-gay statements have angered local activists.

Orozco, also a protestant minister, called homosexuality a “strange practice” and “a sin that has a cure.”

“Unfortunately, I believe so, because it is written in the Bible,” he said of “curing” gay people. “I have anecdotal proof. … I met one who was that way and who got straightened out.”

One marcher said: “We are here so that they know that we exist, that we deserve the same rights. In the country, there is a decline in human rights.”

An online petition calling for Orozco's removal has attracted nearly 15,000 electronic signatures.