A Reno, Nevada wedding chapel owner is promoting gay marriage as a means to save the state's declining wedding industry.

George Flint, who owns the Chapel of the Bells, told Fox Reno that the state's ban on gay nuptials was hurting business.

“If we had that as a tourist package, of course it would be good for the state, but a lot of people don't think past their moral or religious noses,” he said.

Guy Rocha, a former Nevada state Archivist, agreed, telling the Reno Gazette-Journal that marriage equality would revive the struggling industry.

“It doesn't save Nevada from its economic distress, but it helps, and helps with the wedding industry,” he said.

Referring to the growing number of states which have legalized such unions, Rocha added: “That opportunity is fairly rapidly diminishing. If we don't make a move in this decade, it's going to pass us by.”

According to Fox Reno, 9,283 marriage licenses last year were issued in Washoe County, which includes Reno. At its peak, the county issued 36,794 in 1978.