The Melbourne Queer Film Festival runs for twelve days starting March 5th in Melbourne, Australia. The opening night gala event, to be held at the iconic art deco Astor Theater, includes a feature film and a short.

Canadian filmmaker Laurie Lynd's Breakfast With Scot is a touching comedy that tells the story of gay couple Eric and Sam's trials parenting Scot. Eric and Sam have played it straight to the world during their four year relationship. Eric is an ex-NHL star hockey player who has turned his one-time fame into a sportscasting career; Sam is a corporate lawyer. It is this seemingly perfect power coupling that is re-examined when Scot enters their lives.

Eric and Sam take-in recently orphaned 11-year-old Scot, expecting a rambunctious pre-teen. Instead Scot is a flamboyant boy more comfortable with who he is than his guardians. Freaked out by Scot's effeminate demeanor, Eric and Sam nudge Scot to more a more acceptable Canadian pastime – hockey.

In the end, Breakfast With Scot asks us to confront the compromises we have made in our own lives to be accepted.

Tom Cavanagh (Ed, Love Monkey) stars as the amiable ex-NHL player Eric and Ben Shenkman (HBO's Angels In America, Must Love Dogs) plays Sam, both lend star power to a strong script.

Breakfast With Scot provides the main feature film for the opening night of the Melbourne Queer Film Festival. The movie is set for a March 18th DVD release.

A short film is also included in the opening night's program. Mirror Mirror is John Winter's film about an elderly crossdresser. Joe is saying goodbye to Jana in the makeup mirror. After so many years together, saying goodbye to yourself is never easy.

Melbourne Queer Film Festival (MQFF) is the largest queer film festival in Australia, screening over 120 films in 2008. MQFF opening night is March 5 and the festival runs for 12 days.

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