A German ad from 2006 featuring two male soccer players sharing a kiss went viral on Monday.

In the ad, two male soccer players are seen sharing a post-game smooch under the headline: “Would you also beat up your favorite player for this?”

Gay rights advocate Maneo produced the ad in 2006 as Germany hosted the FIFA World Cup, gay sports blog Outsports.com reported.

Outsports' Jim Buzinski wrote: “With Euro 2012 dominating the soccer world for the month, and against the backdrop of gays being warned against being open in Ukraine, one of the host countries, we find a poster from a German group that asks fans to consider homophobia.”

“I first saw this on Facebook and it has 1,700 likes and 500 shares, so it is having an impact,” he added.

According to its website, the Berlin-based Maneo was established in 1990 and is “the most experienced and best known gay anti-violence project in Germany.”

Maneo added that the poster was well received and that the campaign was supported by Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit, who is openly gay.