Christian conservatives are targeting Target for selling a line of Gay Pride shirts.

The Family Research Council (FRC) on Friday launched a campaign urging the Minnesota-based retailer to stop selling the shirts which benefit the Washington D.C.-based gay rights group Family Equality Council (FEC).

By supporting the group Target is effectively opposed to Christian-based adoption agencies, FRC claims.

“I strongly object to your recent decision to provide free advertising and raise funds for the Family Equality Council (FEC),” FRC's online petition reads. “The FEC's chief objective, according to their website, is to pass legislation on the local and national level that would effectively shut down Christian-based adoption agencies by ordering all adoption agencies to no longer prioritize placing a child in a home with both a mom and a dad, despite the overwhelming evidence that such households are by far the best environment for a child. This has happened in Illinois, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.

“I urge you to cease funding this anti-Christian adoption group, and resume a neutral position on social engineering.”

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The move comes after FRC President Tony Perkins accepted FEC executive director Jennifer Chrisler's invitation to dinner at her house with her spouse and children.