Janet Boynes has suggested that Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson Cooper, President Barack Obama and Dr. Drew are suppressing the voices of people who formerly identified as gay or lesbian, or “ex-gays.”

Boynes, the author of Called Out: A Former Lesbian's Discovery of Freedom, made the claim during an appearance Monday on cabler HLN's Dr. Drew.

“Dr. Drew you always have a tendency of putting people on your show that is against Christianity,” Boynes complained. “Why don't you, Anderson Cooper, and Ellen DeGeneres, Barack Obama put people on their show or bring them to the White House that [believe] change is possible. You never give us the opportunity to come on the show and really tell our side of the story. It's always one sided.”

She also told Dr. Drew that all a person needs to do to alter his or her sexuality is “ask Jesus in your heart.”

“It's not about an intervention. My intervention was Jesus Christ.” (Watch the entire segment on HLN.)

Boynes has the endorsement of Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who once said: “Janet's life is a powerful testimony of the changes that Christ can bring through His healing power from the bondage of sin.”