Opponents of Washington state's gay marriage law say they will turn in their signatures for Referendum 74 on Wednesday.

The AP quoted Joseph Backholm as saying that the signatures will be turned in to the secretary of state's office at 9AM Wednesday morning. Backholm is the executive director of the Family Policy Institute of Washington, a leading voice in Preserve Marriage Washington, the coalition of groups working to repeal the law.

Opponents must turn in 120,577 valid signatures by June 6 to block the law's start. The group said it had collected nearly 200,000 signatures. Officials recommend that campaigns submit 150,000 signatures to head off invalid or duplicate entries.

Supporters of the law said they always expected opponents to put it up to a popular vote.

“We always expected them to reach the number,” said Zach Silk, a spokesman for Washington United for Marriage, the coalition of groups working to preserve the law. “We've been preparing our campaign to talk to voters. We believe at the end of the day they'll side with us to uphold the law.”

Voters in 2009 rejected an effort to repeal a domestic partnership law which gave gay couples all the protections of marriage.