Singer Adam Lambert on Sunday called the anti-gay group One Million Moms “hateful bigots.”

One Million Moms, which has close ties to the Christian conservative group American Family Association (AFA), is the organization which made national headlines earlier this year when it called on JCPenney to fire comedian Ellen DeGeneres as the department store's spokesperson because she's openly gay.

More recently, the group told retailer GAP to “quit pushing a deviant and unhealthy lifestyle” after the company erected a billboard in Los Angeles which features two men hugging each other.

One Million Moms also attacked comic book Astonishing X-Men for marrying a gay mutant hero and DC Comics' decision to have the Green Lantern come out gay.

“This is ridiculous! Why do adult gay men need comic superheroes as role models? They don't but do want to indoctrinate impressionable young minds by placing these gay characters on pedestals in a positive light. These companies are brainwashing them into thinking that a gay lifestyle choice is normal and desirable. As Christians, we know that homosexuality is a sin (Romans 1:26-27).”

This week, the group once again criticized JCPenney for including two gay dads in a Father's Day ad.

“Fuck 'One Million Moms,'” Lambert tweeted to his nearly 1.5 million followers. “Hateful bigots.”

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