Shara Perkins Murphy, executive director of the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center, is straight.

Murphy, who took over the reigns in January, says her sexual orientation is not relevant.

“For most of my adolescence lots of folks didn't think I was black enough. So I haven't always felt like I had a community,” Murphy told CNN on Sunday as she worked the crowd at Sacramento Pride 2012. “People here are just so accepting and loving.”

She suggested civil rights are essentially the same for all people.

“I think there's a lot of parallels between the civil right struggle of African-Americans and the civil rights struggle of the LGBT community. People should care about this because prejudice somewhere is prejudice anywhere.”

She received lots of support from those attending the festival.

“I think anybody can be a good voice for the community that really believes in love and marriage,” Rob Turner told the network.

“I'm as gay as they come,” Kerry Freeman said. “Works for me. The more the better straight folks that get it.”