Singer Adam Lambert has said he can't win on how he portrays his sexual orientation.

The openly gay Lambert appeared Wednesday on CBC Radio's Q with Jian Ghomeshi to pitch his sophomore album Trespassing.

Lambert, 30, said of the track Outlaws of Love: “This song is super important to me. I think this song probably has the most dignity on the album. It has a certain amount of restraint that I was really excited to create. It's about the sadness that I sometimes feel when I look at the struggle of the LGBT community. All of our challenges. You know there's the marriage equality thing going on right now, kids are being bullied in schools. Just the general ignorance surrounding the community. It saddens me sometimes. … This is the one song on the album that really kind of laments how depressing it can be sometimes.”

On his portrayal of his sexual orientation, Lambert said: “You can't really win, either way. On one hand to a certain audience you're too gay and it's, 'Why is he always talking about gay this, gay that. That's all he talks about.' And then to the gay community, 'Ok, he's not being gay enough. Or he's not being the right kind of gay,' which I don't even know what that means. … It's something that's not as under my control as people think it is. That's where it gets trippy.”