Fans react to Green Lantern's coming out gay in the upcoming coming book Earth 2.

The AP polled the reactions of fans in New York City's Midtown Comics.

“My reaction to this announcement is it's a very positive thing. Fans are embracing it. We're getting great feedback,” said Midtown Comics owner Gerry Gladston. “And after all comic books are among one of the great American art forms and art reflects life.”

“I think it's going to touch a nerve with some people but again if you're a true fan and if you support diversity and you support different things, I think they'll be for it,” said comic book fan Sly Mata.

“It's a nice step,” said Nick Newert.

“Honestly, I'm not a big Green Lantern fan,” Janel Lee said, “but it's an interesting take on an old character. I would be interested in seeing how they're going to do it and if they do it well.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)