Daniel Radcliffe has said he “obviously” supports gay marriage.

The 22-year-old English actor best know for playing the title character in the Harry Potter series of films spoke with gay glossy The Advocate.

When the magazine asked, “Marriage equality is a hot button issue in the States. Earlier this year British Prime Minister David Cameron stated his support. Is it safe to presume you support it as well?” Radcliffe answered with a laugh: “Yes, absolutely. Obviously.”

He continued: “It shouldn't even be a thing. It shouldn't even be a discussion. That doesn't sound right. Everything should be discussed. Anyone should be able to get married. One of the most amazing things I've seen was during the Republican thing earlier when Michele Bachmann was still around and some young girl asked her why gay men can't get married. Michele Bachmann said they can but not to each other. I thought, 'That's the problem.' They don't even understand the question. It's so frustrating to me and bizarre. Hopefully progress will come.”

Radcliffe plays gay beat generation poet Allen Ginsberg in Director John Krokidas' upcoming thriller Kill Your Darlings.

“I feel I am incredibly lucky to be playing him,” Radcliffe said.