The Young Turks co-host Cenk Uygur has accused Rebecca Romijn of kicking him off the interview circuit for asking her a gay question.

During a segment on the upcoming Astonishing X-Men and DC Comics gay storylines with co-host Ana Kasparian, Uygur said that asking Romijn about the X-Men character Mystique's sexual orientation landed him in hot water with Romijn, who is best known for playing the character in four films since 2000.

“In an interview I asked her, 'Hey how do you feel about the comic book character originally being lesbian.' And she answered, you know, curtly, and I'll say, somewhat politely. And then she … kicked me off the interview circuit.”

“Did she really?” Kasparian asked with a gasp.

“Yeah,” Uygur confidently replied.

“That's awesome,” Kasparian added.

“She's like, 'How dare this guy ask me about an inappropriate question.' What's so inappropriate about it? In the comic book, she's a lesbian, I asked you about it.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

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