Adam Lambert's sophomore album Trespassing has been described as reinforcing gay stereotypes by a group opposed to gay rights.

A review of Lambert's second effort on the site, part of the Christian conservative group Focus on the Family, describes the album as so offensive that they could not repeat some lyrics.

“Like [Lady] Gaga, Lambert is unapologetically shameless when it comes to singing about his voracious sexual appetites.”

The lyrics on Underneath “explicitly reference Lambert's homosexual desire,” the reviewer claims referring to the lines: “I'm standing here with no apologies/Such a beautiful release/You inside of me/A red river of screams.”

“Several songs hint at his willingness to engage in a risky sexual encounter with someone he's just met. And in this, Lambert perhaps unwittingly reinforces the stereotype historically held about gay men: Namely that they're promiscuous and sexually voracious, ready to indulge a carnal tryst at virtually any moment.”

“[M]aybe it's Lambert who brands himself here,” the review concludes. “Brands himself as lascivious. Brands himself as masochistic. Brands himself as 'crazy.' Brands himself as 'shady.'”

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