President Barack Obama's reelection campaign on Wednesday touted polls suggesting the majority of Americans side with the president on gay marriage.

According to The Associated Press, the Obama team trumpeted the polling during a conference call with reporters.

“A lot of recent polls show that support for gay marriage across the country is growing,” Clo Ewing, a spokeswoman for the Obama campaign, is quoted as saying.

Obama, who previously endorsed civil unions for gay and lesbian couples, announced two weeks ago Wednesday his shift to marriage in an interview with ABC's Robin Roberts. He credited his gay friends and daughters Sasha and Malia with influencing his decision.

According to a the Washington Post/ABC News poll released Wednesday, support has hit a record high (53%) and opposition a record low (39%). For the first time, “strong” support (39%) for gay marriage outstripped “strong” opposition (32%), the survey found. Most polls show a majority of Americans support equal access to marriage regardless of sexual orientation.

A Public Policy Polling survey released last week found evidence that support among African Americans in North Carolina increased (7%) after the president's historic announcement.