In Astonishing X-Men issue 50, openly gay mutant hero Northstar proposes marriage to his boyfriend Kyle.

The issue, out Wednesday, will be followed by the couple's wedding in issue 51.

“Whenever you tell a story that touches upon an issue people are passionate about, you open yourself up to controversy and some very heated comments, both supportive and critical,” Marvel editor in chief Axel Alonso told USA Today. “But as long as we continue to tell good stories with nuanced characters from different walks of life, we feel that we're making our comics accessible to the widest possible audience.”

In the issue, Northstar gets down on bended knee to make an impromptu proposal to Kyle in Bryant Park.

“I especially liked the idea of these very private people – well, private enough for a mutant celebrity – having such a public, life-changing discussion,” said writer Marjorie Liu.

Cover art for Astonishing X-Men issue 51 features the couple clasping hands during their outdoor ceremony as their mutant guests look on.

Liu said some guests reject the couple's wedding invitation.

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