GAP is coming under fire from the same group which called on JCPenney to fire Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson because she is gay.

One Million Moms, which is closely associated with the Christian conservative group American Family Association (AFA), has told GAP to “quit pushing a deviant and unhealthy lifestyle.”

“In Los Angeles, CA, GAP has a billboard located downtown that reads: 'GAP – BE BRIGHT – BE ONE' with two homosexual men pressed together under a shared t-shirt. They are hugging each other and facing the camera cheek-to-cheek. 'BE ONE' is in large letters which emphasizes the same-sex relationship,” the group wrote in a blog post.

“GAP needs to seriously consider how their immoral advertising affect the youth of our nation.”

“Christians should urge for the the removal of GAP's offensive billboard in Los Angeles and any other city where it is located. GAP will also need to cancel any plans to use the 'Be One' ad campaign elsewhere including store-front posters, its website and in print magazine ads.”