John Travolta's massage preference allegations have been re-enacted by the Conan Peanut Players.

Conan O'Brien, host of TBS' Conan, introduced the skit.

“John Travolta has been going through a tough time. Never heard about that. So far, four men have come forward to accuse Travolta of improper sexual advances,” O'Brien told his audience. “Now one accuser said Travolta engaged in lewd behavior during a massage session back in January. Of course, nobody knows what really happened, but we were able to re-create the accuser's testimony with the help of the Conan Peanut Players.”

In the stop motion animation short, Travolta, represented by a peanut with thick black hair, picks up the masseur, who brings with him a giant jar of Star creamy peanut butter spread.

Allegedly an hour into the massage at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Travolta became “highly aroused” and made unwelcome advances.

“When the masseur threatened to call the police,” a male announcer is heard saying, “Travolta got upset and called him a loser. … Travolta drove him back to where they had met and paid him twice the agreed upon price.”

“You're a loser and I'm a winner,” Travolta tells the masseur. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)