Claims that John Travolta is gay have been dismissed as irrelevant by Victoria Gotti, widow of legendary New York gangster John Gotti.

Travolta, who is set to play John Gotti in a film based on his life, has been accused by two male masseurs and a former cruise ship employee of attempting to initiate sex with them.

“What difference does it make if he were gay,” Gotti told the New York Daily News. “Who the fuck really cares? Does it make him less of a beautiful human being? No. … Leave him the fuck alone. Whatever the true story is, leave him with his dignity.”

“In the grand scheme of things, it really does not matter,” she added.

Others interviewed for the story suggested to the paper that the gay claims put Travolta's masculinity in question.

“John Gotti is a tough guy,” said John Sendeney, 54, who works in Gotti's old neighborhood. “Everybody who grew up here knows that.”

Producers of Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father stood behind Travolta, 58.

“The producers are not the slightest bit concerned about the allegations being made and are behind John 110%,” said Steve Honig, spokesman for Fiore Films.

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