President Barack Obama on Monday said during a fundraiser in New York City that gay marriage “strengthens families.”

“At root so much of this has to do with a belief not only are we in this together but all of us are equal in terms of dignity and in terms of respect,” Obama said during the fundraiser co-hosted by the Obama for America LGBT Leadership Council and the Futuro Fund at the Rubin Museum of Art.

“The announcement I made last week about my views on marriage equality … same principle,” the president said. “We have never gone wrong when we expanded rights and responsibilities to everybody. That doesn't weaken families, that strengthens families.”

“It's been said this election is going to be about values. And I absolutely agree. It's about the economic values we have, about the values that I believe are what makes America so special: the idea that everybody gets a fair shot, everybody does their fair share, everybody plays by the same set of rules. … The good news is, I think the American people are on our side on this.”

Singer Ricky Martin, a co-host of the event, applauded the president for supporting marriage equality, saying, “That is the kind of courage we expect from our president and that is why we support him.”

About 200 people attended the $5,000-a-head fundraiser.

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