Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has suggested House Speaker Frank McNulty will block a civil unions bill from passage during a special session which convenes Monday.

Hickenlooper, a Democrat, last week announced during an emotional press conference that he was calling lawmakers back to Denver to finish work on a civil unions bill and other measures which died on the House floor last Tuesday as the legislative session came to an end.

The measure reached the House floor with the help of three Republicans on three separate House committees. On the final day left to debate the bill, Democrats accused Republican leaders of a filibuster on civil unions.

House Republicans responded by calling an indefinite recess.

Appearing Sunday on Face the Nation, Hickenlooper said McNulty was preparing to send the bill back to committee.

When asked whether he believes civil unions will pass during the special session, Hickenlooper answered: “Well, it depends on Frank – Speaker McNulty. You know Frank and I agree on 90 percent of the stuff, but on this issue he has the power to choose. And he said he was going to start with a blank slate and pick new committees. That doesn't bode well.”

Hickenlooper added that he hopes McNulty will “recognize that we're not talking about marriage. We're talking about civil unions. And just making sure people have the same civil rights.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

In public statements, McNulty has often referred to the measure as legalizing marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

At least five Republicans had indicated support for civil unions in the House, where Republicans enjoy a 1 seat majority. The Senate earlier approved the measure.