In an upcoming 'Newsweek' cover story, President Barack Obama is declared America's “first gay president.”

According to Yahoo! News, the magazine's May 21 cover will feature Obama with a rainbow halo.

The accompanying story is written by gay blogger Andrew Sullivan, who joined Newsweek/The Daily Beast in April.

Sullivan has previously criticized Obama's record on gay rights.

“So now we have the slogan that sums up the Obama record on gay rights: Not much worse than Bush,” he wrote in a 2009 post titled We Get A Gay Ambassador!

And he summed up Obama's decision last year to no longer defend in court the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which bans gay marriage, as a punt.

But writing at his The Dish blog on Obama's completed “evolution” from supporting civil unions to marriage for gay couples, Sullivan said he was moved to tears.

“I do not know how orchestrated this was; and I do not know how calculated it is,” Sullivan wrote. “What I know is that, absorbing the news, I was uncharacteristically at a loss for words for a while, didn't know what to write, and, like many Dish readers, there are tears in my eyes.”

“The interview changes no laws; it has no tangible effect. But it reaffirms for me the integrity of this man we are immensely lucky to have in the White House.”

Sullivan argued that Obama “let go of fear” and that gay marriage would help the president get reelected.

“He will be looking to the future generations as his opponent panders to the past. The clearer the choice this year the likelier his victory. And after the darkness of last night, this feels like a widening dawn.”