Singer Adam Lambert says he and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen are “super happy.”

The 30-year-old Lambert stopped by cabler E!'s Chelsea Lately to pitch his upcoming sophomore album Trespassing.

“So I was reading up on you and found out that you are indeed gay,” host Chelsea Handler told Lambert before asking about Koskinen, whom Lambert met in Finland.

“We're super happy. I met him when I as out there doing a concert and … he's great. We're very happy,” said Lambert. “I've always been the single guy so I'm just like, 'Yes! I got a boyfriend!'”

Handler took a jab at American Idol host Ryan Seacrest when Lambert declared he's been out since 18.

“I was out of the closet the whole time [I was on American Idol]. The whole time. No one ever said to me, Ryan Seacrest didn't go, 'You gay?'”

“Ryan Seacrest has no business asking anybody if they're gay,” handler responded, then turned her head to one side and looking into the camera added, “Ryan.”

When Lambert brought up that he had recently met Elton John, Handler joked that he was ready to pass on the torch to Lambert.

“He's like, 'Good. You take the torch, girl,'” Handler teased. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)